KRYPTONITE™ Bone Cement is the result of 10 years research and development by doctors and scientists dedicated to making a difference. At Doctors Research Group, Inc. (DRG), we have strived to develop a reputation for pioneering change for medical devices in both diagnostic and surgical applications.

From our earlier invention of a bone screw/suture anchor system (Sherlock™) to a noise reducing stethoscope (Puretone™) that records a patient's heartsounds (Echo™), our company motto of "physicians working together" has been a major reason for rapid success. By encouraging open dialog between the medical community and our team, timelines get shortened and product improvements become more dramatic.

It all started in the late '90's, when the founder, Richard J. Deslauriers, MD combined his mechanical engineering education with a medical degree from the renowned research and development program at the University of Toronto Medical School. Armed with nothing but education and passion, Dr. Deslauriers started DRG in an old stamping factory with a small team of engineers, a very limited budget and extraordinary ambitions. The Company's primary focus was to develop innovative instrumentation designed to assist the practitioner in performing surgical procedures more quickly and efficiently.