DNTLworks Equipment Corp

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DNTLworks Equipment Corporation was established in 1986 and is internationally recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of portable, mobile and self-contained dental equipment. Throughout the company's continuing growth, DNTLworks remains steadfastly committed to providing the dental profession with the proper tools to achieve their goals. That could be in a traditional office setting or a demanding field environment.Over the years, DNTLworks' product line has grown from just a few items to over a hundred products ranging from the most basic ProCare delivery units to the industry's most sophisticated self-contained, portable delivery system, the Portable II™. Developing new products and upgrading existing models are of primary importance to maintaining our superior position in the marketplace.Educating the healthcare community on the virtues and uses of these types of dental systems is also one of DNTLworks' main objectives. They are ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement centers, correctional facilities, government health programs, disaster relief clinics, mobile military hospitals, and many other in-office and field applications.