DNA-Technology LLC

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About Today the majority of Russia's diagnostic PCR-laboratories are equipped with thermocyclers made by DNA-Technology. Our company was the first in Russia to begin introducing fluorescent detection of PCR products in laboratory tests on a large scale, using both a variety of reagent sets and its own made-up equipment. Today the FLASH technology has become popular not only in Russia but also worldwide. One of Russia's first real-time thermocyclers was developed, introduced into practice and registered by DNA-Technology. The mobile PCR-laboratory developed by the Company is unique in its kind. For its achievements the Company received awards at the 3-rd international congress 'Biotechnology: "Current State and Development Prospect", by the Moscow Regional Duma, The Rear Echelon Directorate of the Armed Forces. DNA-Technology plans to continue developing advanced science and technologies and expand cooperation with scientific and clinical institutions. The Company actively cooperates with leading experts in PCR and molecular biology to keep abreast of the latest science and technology developments not only in Russia but also in the rest of the world. As a result of successful work by our team, today our company manufactures: Main equipment for PCR-laboratories: Thermocyclers Fluorescence PCR detectors Thermostats Power supplies PCR-cabinets Sets of reagents for detecting viral blood infections; Reagents for detecting STD; Sets of reagents for HLA-typing; Sets of reagents for detecting genetically modified ingredients in food, raw materials and fodder; Sets of reagents for detecting bacterial infections. The company also: Trains laboratory personnel in how to apply the PCR-method; Consults customers on how to organize PCR-laboratories; Supplies the complete range of equipment for PCR-laboratories. All products of DNA-Technology have state registration certificates of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation permitting them to be used in clinical laboratory diagnostics. The devices developed by the company are recommended by many laboratory test guides as the equipment necessary for PCR-testing.