DJO Global is a leading orthopedic company and the largest orthopedic rehabilitation company. We employ over five thousand people working in more than a dozen facilities around the world. We have over 1,000 medical devices that can help people throughout the entire continuum of care - from injury prevention to rehabilitation.

But we didn’t start that way. In the beginning, we were simply DonJoy, a small company founded in a Carlsbad, California garage in 1978 by the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line captain and a local lawyer.

Mark Nordquist and Ken Reed named their new company after their wives, Donna and Joy, and DonJoy was born.

The first products were simple sleeves made of sewn-together neoprene that were pulled over the knee, ankle, and elbow joints for support.

Business really began to grow in 1980 when DonJoy introduced an off-the-shelf rigid knee support device called the 4-point knee brace.