Company Profile Distrilab Products * Particle Size Standards, for the validation of particle analysis systems and particle counters * Research and Test Particles * Particles with activated surface areas, for Bioscience applications. * Fluorescent Polymer Microspheres * Fluorescent Microspheres with activated surface areas, for diagnostic test development * Cyto-Cal™ en Cyto-Plex™ Flow Cytometry Microspheres * Hepa-Check™ PSL Hepa en Ulpa filter challenge materials * Surf-Cal™ particle size standards for deposition on semiconductor wafers (for validation and maintenance of SSIS) * Pharm-Trol™ count controls meeting USP 788 for validation of liquid particle counters in the pharmaceutical industry * Smoke-Check™ semiconductor cleanroom smoke detector challenge particles Logo B/R Instruments * Solvent recycling systems * Miniature, inert solenoid valves and pumps * Valveless, ceramic metering pumps * Fluid handling and chromatography equipment * “Inversina” shaker mixers and fermentation equipment * Ultrasonic Cleaners * Lipids and Biochemicals * UV lamps and equipment * Waying stations and safety cabinets * Precision dispenser systems Logo Pathotec * Instruments and equipment for pathology * (Band)saws for pathology laboratories * Liquid filling systems