Company Profile DISPOTECH SRL: successful in dental and medical fields Dispotech was founded following the intuition of Massimo Mortarotti in 1994. After ten years working as anemployee in a chemical-medical industry in Milan, Mortarotti decided to start a new company dedicated tothe manufacture of disposable products in Gordona (Italy). Today Dispotech is a family-run business, headed by founder and General Manager Massimo Mortarotti, hisson Emanuele and daughter Monica, with 48 employees and a turnover of € 9 million. Today, Dispotech is recognised in Italy and abroad for its production of disposable articles used in the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, promotional, sports and mass retailing sectors such as ice bag, cold and hot retainer, examination drapes sterilisation rolls and pouches, bibs and so on. The company is placingmore and more emphasis on internationalising its production and distribution. Thanks to the great capacity of output of its equipment, Dispotech can easily meet every commercial need,included that relevant to the private labelling of the products. Raw materials are carefully checked and thenprocessed within the plant into a variety of items. Dispotech is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 13485 and all its prod ucts comply with the EuropeanDirective 93/42/CEE relevant to Medical Devices. The international success of Dispotech results from different factors, including a highly correct commercialpolicy, without compromises. The distribution of Dispotech disposable products takes place exclusively bymeans of important dental and medical wholesale dealers, well known in their countries for their professionality. Dispotech has availed itself for more than twenty years of the co-operation of skilledtechnicians and its managing director’s experience in both dental and the medical fields. Dispotech target is always to ensure customers the highest quality of their products in addition to the bestpurchase conditions. Thus, Dispotech is showing that it is the only company in the world which can supply a full range ofdisposable products used in the medical and dental sectors: a single partner that can meet any need! For more information visit