Discount Medical Supply is a leading distributor in the dialysis market. Discount Medical Supply's success has been built on the ability to effectively provide our clients with the best choice of products and highest standard of customer care. Our available product lines are designed to maximize our customer safety, effectiveness and profitability. Discount Medical Supply is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of Diasol's products- the Acid Concentrate/Sodium Bicarbonate and the protected device line; 'Shelly' the protected fistula needle and 'Daisy' the protected butterfly.

These products coupled with our other dialysis related products form a complete dialysis product line offering the convenience of a "ONE STOP SHOP".We are happy to announce that we now produce product in both Arizona and California. Additionally, we are working on more innovative products that are meant to further reduce your operating costs. We are in the process of developing new packaging for our products in powder form that will reduce our costs, your waste, storage space needed and handling time for your staff. It is also going to be easier for your staff to handle the product.