Celebrating our 23rd year, Digitcare_ Corporation has been operating since 1988 as a manufacturer and distributor of non-sterile and sterile examination glove products, which include powdered and powder-free latex exams, textured and smooth finish powder-free latex, synthetic non-latex exams and a variety of high-risk and specialty gloves.

Digitcare was originally founded by a clinical AIDS research doctor and UCLA faculty member, Michael Wool, MD and May Sun, whose family owned a latex plantation and glove factory in Malaysia.  Recognizing the dangers of infectious fluids in clinical settings, Dr. Wool concluded manufacturing gloves that were thicker than conventional exam gloves would offer better protection.

In 1990, John Hopkins University confirmed this concept when it published a study showing Digitcare's exam gloves had the lowest barrier failures of all brands tested.  It was Digitcare's response to this landmark study that helped establish Digitcare as a leading innovative provider of quality exam gloves.