DIAXONHIT Diaxonhit will present BJI InoPlex™: The first non-invasive multiplex serological test to help in the diagnosis and the management of prosthetic bone and joint infection. The test, developed on Luminex technology, is based on the detection of antibodies directed against the main relevant antigens involved in prosthetic joint infection. BJI InoPlex™ provides relevant information concerning the immune response of patients to the medical team by complementing the clinical, biological and imaging diagnostic tools to assist in a differential diagnosis between mechanical failure of the prosthesis and a potential infection. Diaxonhit promotes also his proprietary product Tetanus Quick Stick-TQS®. TQS is a rapid test (10 minutes) dedicated to determine immunity status and to decide the prophylaxis to the patient. TQS is used in emergency rooms to monitor appropriated decisions. Diaxonhit, a leading distribution company in the French territory, is developing an export network and is looking for appointing new distributors worldwide for its proprietary products BIJ InoPlex™ and Tetanus Quick Stick-TQS®.