DIARECT AG DIARECT AG is a privately owned biotech company established in 1998. DIARECT's expertise lies in the development, standardized large-scale production and worldwide distribution of recombinant and native proteins. The company is not only a leading manufacturer of autoimmune and infectious disease antigens, but also the European distributor of SurModics' protein stabilization reagents and blockers and BioFX substrates thus providing the key components for the development of diagnostic end products. Today DIARECT serves customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Providing customers with products and services of constantly high quality is one of the cornerstones of DIARECT's philosophy. Therefore, all products are developed, produced and distributed according to a Quality Management System that is certified for compliance with ISO 9001 and 13485 standards. DIARECT AG - THE QUALITY LEAGUE OF IMMUNOASSAY COMPONENTS DIARECT's Autoimmune Disease Antigens DIARECT's major product line:the most complete panel of recombinant and native antigens available for all diagnostic applications. DIARECT's Infectious Disease Antigens Infectious disease antigens for the detection of pathogen specific antibodies.

DIARECT's Recombinant Allergens Recombinant allergens for the component resolved diagnosis of food and environmental allergies. Protein Stabilization Products SurModics' complete panel of solid - and fluid-phase assay stabilizers of surpassing quality. Immunoassay Substrates SurModics's superior substrate products, both for colorimetric and chemiluminescent applications. Accessory Reagents A broad range of SurModics high-quality diluents, and buffers for your in vitro diagnostic needs.