Diamedix Corporation and its forerunner, Cordis Laboratories, have been on the leading edge of medical diagnostic technologies for more than a quarter century. Throughout the years, Diamedix has continued to pioneer unique immunodiagnostic innovations in its products, procedures, and in the development of integrated instrument and reagent systems for both autoimmune and infectious disease detection.

Today, Diamedix maintains its tradition of developing product systems designed specifically to simplify and improve diagnostic testing in ways that enhance efficiency and accuracy, while promoting economy.Diamedix is a subsidiary of IVAX Diagnostics, Inc., which is a public company traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol IVD. IVAX Diagnostics, Inc. was created as a result of the merger on March 14, 2001 between b2bstores.com, Inc. and the diagnostic business subsidiary within IVAX Corporation.

On January 26, 2006 , IVAX Corporation was merged into a wholly owned subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Teva). As a result of this merger, Teva, indirectly through its IVAX Corporation subsidiary, owned approximately 72% of IVAX Diagnostics. On September 2, 2008 , a group controlled by two experienced and well-known international medical diagnostics and pharmaceutical industry entrepreneurs, Paul Kennedy and Patrice Debregeas, purchased all of the shares of IVAX Diagnostics' common stock owned by Teva and, accordingly, collectively owned approximately 72% of IVAX Diagnostics.]