Innovate and act in the world for optimum transfusion solutions Receiving blood is receiving life. DIAGAST’s goal is to help healthcare professionals transmit life with the help of the best blood group determination technologies.

Even though it is not always a matter of life and death, transfusion errors are never acceptable. Over the last 50 years, DIAGAST has developed an unique expertise and know-how in the transfusion sector. Theses values allow the healthcare professionals to insure the total transfusional compatibility between receivers and donors. Thus DIAGAST has combined biology with information technology, to make its equipment evolving in parallel with the best of the new technology.

DIAGAST focuses on the following 4 strategic axes: Creator of tailor-made Immunohaematology solutions Our company develops, produces and markets reagents and automated systems (QWALYS) for the blood grouping determination. Thanks to its mastering of the value chain (from R&D to the installation of solutions including customer training) DIAGAST is able to offer reliable solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of its customers.

innovator in biotechnologies In a domain of activity where the last real technological innovation proposed by all of our competitors goes back to 1993, DIAGAST through its R & D department always looking for more performance and safety, features breakthrough techniques and innovates by new technologies such as EM® Technology launched in 2004 and Haem Trap launched in 2012 .