DiAgam your in vitro diagnostic partner DiAgam is active in the field of In Vitro Diagnostics. DiAgam develops and manufactures reagents for specific proteins in immunoturbidimetry and innovating immunological reagents in immunocolorimetry.

All reagents are CE labelled, in conformity with ISO 9001 norms, liquid, stable, ready to use, titrated with international references (CRM 470…) and adaptable on all opened biochemistry analyzers e.g.: ·Hitachi (all series), Roche Cobas-Mira, Olympus AU series, Wako, Bayer/Technicon, Beckman (all series), Lisa, Selectra, Prestige … ·All manual photometers single and double beams. For all the parameters, DiAgam can supply : ·kits especially dedicated to particular analysers ·OEM or BULK PRODUCTION·

Any customised production of reagents according to the user’s needs.