ABOUT US Dia Lab Services Srl was founded in late 2013 with the clear purpose of taking over and re-launching part of the activities carried out by Radim Spa. The Radim Group has represented one of the main Italian enterprises operating in the in-vitro diagnostic systems’ market sector. The Group has managed to become in about 30 years a main frontrunner in the fields of endocrinology, allergology and infectiology. The group has not only been dynamic in research and development (raw materials and semi-finished products, cultured cell lines for the production of antibodies) but also in marketing of in vitro diagnostic systems and in the design and implementation of tools and systems employed in the automation of analytical and pre-analytical phases (through its subsidiary Seac, based in Calenzano). The three foreign subsidiaries located in Spain, Germany and Brazil, as well as a distributors’ network spanning over 50 countries, have contributed to making Radim Group a real benchmark and a reference point in the world. Since the summer of 2014, Dia Lab Services has resumed the activities pertaining to the production and commercialization of in-vitro diagnostic systems, in a short time succeeding in producing and commercializing all products related to the allergology line, to which new lines related to… will soon follow, in order to offer a range of ever more comprehensive products to its customers.