DPMA German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) is the central authority in the field of industrial property protection in Germany. It operates within the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Justice. The DPMA employs 2,550 staff based at its offices in Munich, Jena and Berlin. The headquarters of the DPMA are located in Munich.The office was founded as 'Reichspatentamt' in Berlin and looks back on 130 years of history.

It has focused and is still focusing on the protection of intellectual property. It is the statutory duty of the DPMA to grant and administer Industrial property rights and provide information on industrial property rights effective in Germany.

Effective protection of ideas As a modern service provider we offer effective protection of technical inventions, trade marks and product designs. Small and medium enterprises, the large scale industry, research institutions and also individual inventors receive effective tools to protect their intellectual property from being copied. Industrial property information as a factor of innovation Even independently of your own industrial property (IP) applications, industrial property information may assist your entrepreneurial decision-making. Information on industrial property rights is gaining increasing importance and itself is becoming a factor of innovation.

The DPMA online services provide IP information. The DPMA as a cooperation partner The German Patent and Trade Mark Office as a national authority is a partner in a network of national, European and international industrial property systems.