Dessillons & Dutrillaux Society was founded in 1949 by Lucien Dessillons. Since its beginnings, Dessillons & Dutrillaux develops and manufactures materials for medical diagnosis, orthopaedic surgery and intensive care. Providing full satisfaction Dessillons & Dutrillaux has always aimed at providing full satisfaction to its customers, maintaining the highest standards in product quality. Achieving high quality results is the premise in medical diagnosis: the accuracy, precision and reliability obtained from D&D products help meet the highest standards of medical practice.

Achieving optimal safety and ease of use Achieving optimal safety and ease of use are keywords for D&D medical devices, aimed at orthopaedic surgery and intensive care. All D&D medical devices and related products are manufactured in conformity with European and French directives and laws on medical devices, and therefore, they all carry the CE marking. Dessillons & Dutrillaux has implemented quality management systems in conformity with European standard ISO EN 13485 to provide its customers with medical devices and related services that meet the highest quality standards. D&D products are used in all continents.