Company design and production of packaging made ​​of molded cellulose based, Dentas Romania is the leading supplier of packaging for eggs in Romania and sells its products in all countries in the Balkans and in many European countries. Dentas Romania is the industry leader in development and production of molded fiber and that's why his strategy is to become the preferred brand worldwide, promoting innovative products. Dentas Romania.,

A subsidiary of Abalıoğlu Holding, continues its expansion by expanding production facilities in line with the policy of international investment and using the latest technology. Dentas Kağıt Sanayi AS has made ​​its first international investment in accordance with its strategic objectives and established in 2003 SC Dentas Tartasesti Romania SRL, Romania, holding 100% stake in the newly established company. Dentas Romania started production in mid 2006. The second production unit was established in Aksaray, Turkey, and started operations in 2014. With a department of design and product development, Dentas Kağıt Sanayi AS founded the paper and pulp laboratory developed in Turkey with the aim of supporting research and development activities.