Efficiency and results DELTRONIX produces Electrosurgical Generators, Bipolar Coagulators and Argon plasma Coagulators for the medical and dentistry area, guaranteeing efficiency and good results during the surgical procedure, offering equipments of high safety and reliability that allow larger peacefulness to the patient and to the medical team. Side by side with the science and technology The scientific and technological development can be reached through partnerships among the industry and researchers that follow the natural evolution of the procedures and of the equipments.

This has been taking DELTRONIX to successive improvements of its equipments and accessories, turning them simples, more efficient and with larger operational resources. - Suitable for you The DELTRONIX equipments were projected to optimize the surgical procedures where the action of the electrosurgery is indispensable. With that it is gotten to reduce the surgical time significantly, with smaller risk for the patients and larger satisfaction for the medical team. We work for your success The professionals of DELTRONIX worry in offering the best product, using the most advanced technology. With this in mind the productivity is improved and the indexes of flaws are reduced, guaranteeing your satisfaction.