Delta Analytics - "we like stable isotops" Delta Analytics is a developer and producer of high precision gas analysers to measure isotope ratios and trace gases. Our products range from portable outdoor instruments for environmental research to breath gas analysers for medical diagnostics.The techniques we use include NDIR and FTIR.We make custom design and care for your individual needs.

Be part of a network of professionals to share expertise and experience. Om this year on medica Delta analytics proudly presents Applications for medical diagnostics metabolism and body function tests by applying δ- 13C enriched substrates. Choose product DIBTA to find out ... - evidence of bacterium Helicobacter Pylori - gastric emptying for diabetes patients - quantitative liver function for hepatitis or (none)-alcoholic - cirrhotic liver patients - pancreas function for assessing pancreatic exocrinic insufficiency - lactase enzyme activity for the ability to digest lactose - total energy consumption for diseases rising the resting energy expenditure REE (inflammation diseases, sickle cell disease, HIV) - digestion of sugar, e.g. fructose, glucose,sucrose, maltose - digestion of starch from plants like corn, potato, rice, millet, wheat and cassava