The RFID company deister GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of innovative, electronic security and identification solutions. It offers many solutions for applications in healthcare, logistics, retail, industrial automation, waste identification and vehicle safety. "For more than 35 years the name deister stands for innovative products and solutions for identification and security that are used worldwide in a various applications.

Our products are based on the specific needs of our customers, which we analyze carefully, "says Anatoly Stobbe, company founder and CEO. "No task is too difficult, too complex. Up to this date more than 300 patents are registered and a number of innovations implemented. " Intelligent technology for maximum safety Nothing is more important than the protection of people and assets in healthcare, government and industry. The RFID-based identification and localization system amanTag provides maximum safety for you and everybody around you. Baby protection, dementia care, protection of valuables: The integrative solutions of deister monitor every action and every event in real time.

So you can react quickly in every emergency situation. Optimized interfaces ensure the easy integration into your existing security management system. Protection for people and property Our RFID identification and localization system provides more safety and efficiency: Senior Guard - protection for people with dementia Better quality of life, safety and efficiency due to the patient wandering protection system amanTag that supports dementia care. Mobile help calls for more security in hospitals and care homes Patients and residents are able to make mobile calls in emergency situations.