DAUD JEE MFG. CO Daud Jee Mfg. Co. is a relative new company in the surgical industry but with a very long history and experience behind it in manufacturing of Micro surgical instruments. It dates back to the year of 1935 when the Grandfather of Daud Jee team Mr. Haji Mod. Ismail started the manufacturing of these products in a limited scale. Daud Jee Mfg. Co itself was establish in 1998 and is an off shoot of Jee Group of Companies.

A dedicated and determined group of 4 Brothers who have been working at JEE group of companies with personal experience ranging between 13 to 25 years joint hands together to form the company. The spirit and motive behind the establishment of Daud Jee Mfg. Co was to achieve certain targets and this was only possible by having a Like-minded team. Today after a period of 15 years the name Daud Jee Mfg. Co stands for quality, reliability, services in the surgical world. We can say that we have been quite successful in achieving the fix targets and it has been possible with the help of our skilled workers as well as feedback from our worthy clients.

Daud Jee Mfg. Co is specialized in manufacturing of Micro Surgical instruments, Ophthalmology instruments and sterilization Trays/Baskets. We are fully equipped to manufacture custom made Micro instruments and sterilization baskets/Trays. All our ophthalmic instruments and sterilization Trays/baskets manufactured in our own premises. As our manufacturing process ensures consistency in the quality of our Micro Surgical Instruments & Sterilization Baskets/Trays we produced. This consistency is guaranteed by a quality assurance system. All Daud Jee Mfg. Co facilities are certified according to FDA, ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485: 2003 as well as according to European Medical Devices ensure compliance with CE-Marking requirements.