In the digital age, changing needs and developing technologies are in a race against each other. In such an environment of global development, it is without a doubt that those companies who are able to swiftly analyze the changing landscape and offer the correct technological innovations are able to increase the quality of their products and services; consequently, they are able to maintain their competitive edge.

As a contribution of Yüksel Holding to the information technology sector, DataSel started its journey in 1989. Our approach has been "high quality services and prompt support". With the support of our parent holding company and our global business partners, we are offering products and services tailored to the needs of our customers and always changing and evolving ourselves in the process.

We are aware of the fact that, to be a source of technology is to be the future of those organizations that utilize that technology. As a stable and powerful business partner, we are thus also aware of the responsibility that accompanies the facilitation of being a long-term solution provider.

Our never ending efforts in promptly providing correct and high quality solutions, add value to us and to our customers. The sources of our values and abilities are; our corporate culture, our know-how, our competent personnel and our mutual understanding and awareness of our responsibilities.