Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom precision molded rubber, plastic, and TPE products. Whatever you create, we have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your molding partner. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to assist in design and manufacture molded elastomer products, while providing the best customer support and technical advice possible. Da/Pro offers high quality custom rubber, TPE, and plastic products such as diaphragms, seals, connectors, molded shapes, rubber-to-metal parts and more molded to precision tolerances.


Da/Pro services the medical device, electronic, and aerospace industries. Our rubber and plastic manufacturing facilities are located in Oklahoma, California, Massachusetts, and Singapore. We have ISO 9001 certified facilities and a class 10,000 cleanroom for applications requiring controlled airborne particulates. Da/Pro offers liquid injection molding (LIM), compression molding, injection molding and transfer molding services. The Da/Pro Process for compression and transfer molding consists of an automatically controlled molding machine developed by Da/Pro Rubber. The complex is designed to adjust for compound or part configuration variables. The molding process is computer controlled and monitored to maintain consistent molding conditions thereby assuring duplication of product throughout the molding cycles. Da/Pro offers Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molding services in addition to our compress/transfer molding services.


Da/Pro is well known for high precision, close tolerance molding services and can manufacture LIM and LSR products to these same demanding standards. Material Development and Qualification – Da/Pro staff chemists are available to develop organic, inorganic or silicone compounds to satisfy your specific requirements. Physical properties of all rubber compounds that are critical to the function of the molded product are continually monitored in our laboratory. Engineering and Tool and Die Making – Da/Pro has complete in-house engineering department to assist in your design needs. Their CAD/CAM capabilities ensure effective precision tooling at competitive prices. Da/Pro's tool making department combines conventional and computer numerical control (CNC) metalworking machines with an electrical discharge machine (EDM) to produce molds from the simplest to the most complex parts. Since the tool is a critical factor in part finish, configuration and quality, Da/Pro engineers work closely with tool and die makers to ascertain that all design details are incorporated into the mold.


Quality Assurance – To assure consistency in product, quality is monitored throughout each process using a system based upon ISO 9001 standards. At Da/Pro, quality assurance involves every step of the design, tool making, and manufacturing processes, since the end product is a combined result of a series of efforts. To ensure consistency in the Da/Pro Molding Process, advanced statistical process control is utilized to monitor material properties, material mixing, molding operations, and final product conformance to specification. The final proof of the success of these efforts is the part itself. To ensure quality, all parts are visually inspected for conformance to design criteria. In addition, leak and deflection testing for diaphragms and insulation testing for connector inserts may be specified. From design to delivery, Da/Pro Rubber has the knowledge and expertise to be your elastomer molding partner. Precision * Quality * Service