Dage-MTI Inc

Endorse Company
Dage-MTI is an international leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital Firewire cameras and analog video cameras and monitors. By supplying digital and analog products, Dage-MTI has separated itself from the competition as one of the only companies in the world to do so. All products are sold worldwide through a dealer network chosen for each application and geographic region. Biomedical research is one of the primary fields for Dage-MTI products. The biomedical market, including all major medical research schools, utilizes our cameras to detect living cells in low light conditions and to analyze brain slices in infrared lighting.Our high resolution digital cameras can detect imperfections to assure material production of the highest quality. We have introduced a new series of high resolution cooled digital cameras which will take us to the next step of total computer-controlled and video data acquisition systems. Doing so will allows us to enter new markets and provide us with the tools for long-term growth. Dage-MTI has long been known for its integrity, customer support and pride. Our staff allows us the ability to compete and succeed in a growing, high technology industry. We will continue this progression with new thoughts, people and products.