D-tek is a manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostics kits specialized in auto-immunity. The companydevelopes and produces different type of kits : ELISA (BlueWell ) IMMUNODOT(BlueDot ) IMMUNODOT automatized (BlueDiver Dot ) MICROARRAY automatized (BlueDiver Quantrix ) IMMUNODOT automatized and customized (BlueDiver Combi ) The BlueDiver Dot, BlueDiver Quantrix and BlueDiver Combi kits are automatized on theBlueDiver Instrument .


Morever and thanks to its long experience in diagnostic kit development, D-tek proposes different products that may interest diagnostic companies, Reserach centers or University laboratories : Liquid Substrates : NBT, pNPP, TMB ELISA, TMB Membrane Liquid Stabilizers : AP-Stabilizer, HRP-Stabilizer and Antibody-Stabilizer Coating and blocking solutions for membrane and ELISA plates application Nitrocellulose Membrane devices D-tek is ISO 9001, ISO 13485and all its diagnostic kits are CE IVD certified.