Cytomedix Inc

Endorse Company
Multiple growth factor solutions were introduced to the US market in the 1980's and since then the body of clinical evidence has grown. In January 2001, Cytomedix obtained exclusive ownership of technology, assets and intellectual property rights associated with the use of autologous multiple growth factors. In recent years, significant events have fueled the commercial opportunities for Cytomedix owned technology and PRP Systems. In 2006, Cytomedix published a prospective, randomized clinical trial demonstrating significant improved wound outcomes using PRP in diabetic foot ulcers. In 2007, FDA cleared the AutoloGel™ PRP System for chronic wounds. In 2010, Cytomedix acquired the Angel Whole Blood Separation System (Angel) and activAT Autologous Thrombin Processing Kit (activAT). We now offer the best-in-class PRP systems for the surgical suite and chronic wound repair. Today, Cytomedix is involved in the development of various peptides and autologous technologies, as advanced biological solutions to control inflammation.