Crosstex International: Sterilization & Sterility Assurance Crosstex International, a divison of Cantel Medical Corp.,serves the healthcare community as a global manufacturer of infection control and prevention, sterilisation and sterility assurance products. Crosstex/SPSmedical offers high quality, innovative products, the majority of which are manufactured in the United States in ISO certified and FDA registered manufacturing facilities.

Sold in more than 100 countries, the range of products distributed to medical, dental, industrial and veterinary practices include: chemical indicators / indikators, biological indicators, Secure Fit® Technology Face Masks, Sure-Check® sterilization pouches, STEAMPlus® Class 5 Integrators, in-office and mail-in biological monitoring products and services, sterilization packaging, Rapicide® OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant, SANI ProZyme® instrument cleaning detergent, patient towels, surface disinfectants, hand sanitizers, gloves, sponges, cotton products, saliva ejectors, evacuator tips and the Crosstex Patients Choice® line of preventive products.