Coopercare Lastrap Inc helps prevent repetitive motion injuries. Our medically proven thermovibe pads relieve pain and strengthen muscles. Our thermovibe pads are scientifically designed to intercept and absorb 30% to 50% of the pain causing vibrations. The permanently fluid-dynamic pad positioned inside each Coopercare Lastrap support, blocks the path of the vibrations and soaks up the shockwaves.

All our products use Thermovibe technology. This technology allows the products to efficiently absorb damaging vibrations. At the same time, natural body heat is directed into the muscles to keep them warm and stimulate blood flow. Coopercare Lastrap for the shoulder is bio-engineered to provide relief of bursitis, sprains and chronic tendonitis. Supports can be worn to relieve back ache,tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. They can be worn under clothing all day and night and provide warm natural heat.