CSJ - TMG Special Vehicles 85 years ago, a great, tenacious and austere man started one of the first companies to satisfy the needs of the emerging automotive industry in Chile. CSJ - TMG Special Vehicles is today the first company in the automotive area that makes non-traditional exports, and it also has strengthened successful alliances with prestigious automotive distributors, in order to expand the alternatives of products such as ambulances, special medical vehicles, difense and security division, fire fighting rescue division an Minibuses Moreover, some measures are being implemented in order to contribute to the environmental care; such as to reduce the production of toxic waste, to recycle material, to improve the management of raw materials and processes that affect the environment, etc., being this the first and only one company in managing, in a consistent way, the care and environmental safety issue. In 2014, we got the first worldwide BioGelCoat patent, which is a covering system of copper nanoparticles used in all the lateral and superior walls at the inside of our ambulances.