CST is an OEM manufacturer of commercial cleaners, detergents, sanitizers, lubricants and other chemical products, mostly ready-to-use products for many industries in the USA and abroad. CST's products are used in medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and industrial applications. CST offers products for manual, ultrasonic, and automated cleaning including CIP and other particular processes. Products range from enzymatic-, acid/alkaline and neutral pH pre-cleaners, detergents/cleaners, de-scalers, lubricants and others. These products are used to clean metals, mixed metals, aluminum, plastics, rubbers, glass and a variety of mixed materials. CST's products come in powder, liquid or spray form with foam for manual, and ultrasonic or non-foaming for automatic machine washing. These products are used worldwide in a variety of machines, including low- and high-impingement washers, CIP- tunnel- and cart-washers, and specialty washers. All products can be sold in almost any size and shape of packaging.