Color Seven Co. Ltd.

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Color Seven Co., Ltd. Color Seven is specialized to develop and manufacture 'Color Light Therapy' medical devices which is the new concepts to treat and prevent the diseases that hard to be treated by medicine and surgery. Color 7, developed the World's first "Skin Adhesive Color Light Therapy" technology and itsresult isthe World's first "Dysmenorrhea Treatment" medical device. Our main product 'Women Stress Free (WSF)' is "Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)" medical device for Dysmenorrhoea. It will help for women's life who suffered dysmenorrhea and PMS. Our intellectual property and patents are 80 cases about Color Light Therapy technology,its experiences are more than 40 years studies and clinical tests became the innovative results of our medical devices. Women Stress Free was medically verified through clinical evaluation with menstrual pain patients in two University hospitals and the result has been published in Springer, Vol. 286:947-952, also this evaluation presented “Issues in Gynecology, Obstetrics, Fertility and Pregnancy Research in 2013 edition”.