COLIMATIC LEADER IN THE MEDICAL FIELD SINCE 1973 OFFERS: -Packaging solutions -Loading and feeding systems -Assistance and after-sale service -Free consultancy Coligroup spa is an Italian company established in 1973 which holds a leading position in the international packaging machines market. We realise personalised packaging solutions for syringes, needles, catheters and any other medical devices. The range of COLIMATIC thermoforming machines comprises Thera 250, Thera 450, Thera 650 and Thera 650 FV models, to meet various customer layout needs - enabling customers to select the machine size that best suits them.

Additionally within each version there are a number of options available to provide pack size flexibility and different output levels. A particularly practical feature is Colimatic‘s patented Automatic Mould Change System. (THERA 650 FV) As a concept, the “THERA” represents a combination of high technology and sound reliability based on thirty years experience that is much sought after in industries today.

It is this featuring combined with a very competitive pricing structure that distinguish COLIMATIC machines in the packaging industries, making them the leader in their field. Nowadays firms of all sizes rely on Coligroup expertise to provide solutions to their packaging problems and the large number of satisfied throughout the world testify to the renowned reputation Coligroup spa has earned.