The company CLONIT S.r.l. has been established in 1987 and so we are very proud to be the first Italian Company operating in the field of human biotechnology, with applications in the Laboratory Diagnostics. Since the beginning the Research & Development activity has been alweys carried out in close collaboration with leading research Scientists and Institution, (see Attach. 1), in the field of Molecular Biology:

these collaborations delivered several methods and procedures based on gene amplification system, that have been filed for European and International Patent applications, (see Attach. 2). In the following period a lot of efforts have been dedicated to transfer the scientific innovations into routine applications in Clinical Diagnostic Laboratoires.

Today CLONIT S.r.l. can offer the widest range of Molecular Biology Systems for Human, Veterinary and, just recently, for Food Diagnostics, Forencis Medicine and Oncology: the systems are offered with a complete set of components which allow the technicians to run a Molecular Biology test either in a routine Clinical or Industrial laboratory.