Clement Clarke International (CCI)was founded in 1917 and hasproduced asthma management products for almost 50 years. Based in Harlow, CCIbecame part of the Hagg-Streit group 20 years ago and manufactureproducts at various sites across the United Kingdom. The "Mini-Wright" Peak Flow Meter, was first launched in 1976, andbecame theoriginal portable Peak Flow Meter, supported by hundreds of published papers.

It is recognised as "The Gold Standard" for Expiratory Flow. With misuse of the pMDI becoming an increasingly popular topic, Clement Clarke has developed a number of NEW initiatives to assist with inhaler technique training,just one example of how Clement Clarke has used new technology to develop products. Over the yearsthe product range has expanded andthe product portfolioassists in screening, monitoring and treating a wide range of respiratory conditions.

The product range can helpthe fight against manydifferent respiratory conditions, including: Asthma Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Cystic Fibrosis Allergic Rhinitis Oxygen Therapy Range Clement Clarke's products are reliable, accurate and durable. The wide product range allowsCCI to offer the Total Respiratory Solution.The key product groups availableinclude: Mini-Wright Peak Flow Meters Spirometers Nebulisers Oxygen Therapy Inspiratory Flow Products Spacers Mucus Clearance Clement Clarke's reputation for producing quality products is renowned worldwide.With a vast global distributor channel, these products are distributed worldwide. In the future we aim to improve our currentproducts using new technology and to develop new products that can help the fight against respiratory illnesses