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About us The non-woven fabric consumption in rapid growth in China, predict productivity growth is still the main tone, non-woven domestic enterprises still has a growth in the next five years. Planning for non-woven fabric environmental protection enforcement is expected tighter, and the industry concentration is more obvious. New capacity is more likely to focus on the existing production capacity in the area, such as shandong, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu and other places. These regions have scale and can consciously abide by the pollutant emission regulations of the state enterprises, saving the cost of the national supervisory management, so the strong stronger "Matthew effect" in the industry will be more obvious. According to lianyungang (601008, shares) zhen yu non-woven non-woven fabric equipment factory said can be used for all kinds of wet wipes, cleaning cloth, bags, etc To predict development strategy towards use of non-woven scrap.