Company Organization CISA has been manufacturing and selling sterilization systems for over 60 years for both hospitals and industrial application, cover- ing all sterilization needs. CISA is an Industrial Group which manufactures industrial ma- chinery and integrated technological production systems with factories in different continents and its headquarters in Italy. CISA offers capillary distribution and technical assistance both in Italy and overseas that allows it to guarantee a constant presence and complete service in all the countries in which it operates. Coordination of distributors and technical service centres are handled through the CISA branches, located in Joinville (Brasil) for Brasil and Latin America, in Amman (Jordan) for Middle East, in Singapore for Asia.

Service Post-Sales Assistance CISA has an extensive network for sales and after-sales service, in the countries in which it operates, and offers a number of value-added services to satisfy the expectations of its clients, with an unrivalled level of quality. These services are constantly improved and optimized through customer feedback. A team of highly specialized experts of proven experience op- erate day by day with professional skill and fast intervention to maintain equipment in perfect working conditions in conformity with the requirements set by the European Union. The attendance design pre- and post-sale, the customers ser- vice, the validation of equipment and the correspondence to the norms of existing systems are the main CISA services. The computer science innovation of the organization, the constant training of the staff, the quality of the warehouses for the spare parts and their easy availability on the market guarantee an im-mediate answer to the customers’ needs and more efficiency.

Research & Development CISA offers a complete, up-to-date service, designed and planned for a field of application that is in continuous evolution: that of machines, systems and technology for scrubbing, disinfecting and sterilizing. Close and continuous collaboration with university research laboratories enables the company to incorporate the latest and most advanced theories on germ elimination in its machinery and equipment.