Professional aesthetic device manufacturer, CHUNGWOO MEDICAL Welcome to CHUNGWOO MEDICAL, a company dedicated to the top priority to customer satisfaction. Our company established in 2001, we are rapidly growing in medical & aesthetic devices market. Our goal is to improve in the quality of life byproducing innovative medical & aesthetic devices.

It's our vision, our passion and our social responsibility. Over the decades, ourR&D has focused on the medical & aesthetic device field, and we are exporting our own technology and advanced medical & aesthetic devices to the world over50 countries.

Consequently, we arebelongto top medical expert groups, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. We respectcustomerrequest and the strict guidelines of theCHUNGWOO way of management. We wantbetter customer lifewith our advanced devices and we are passionate aboutsupportingour customers. We will do our best to support you and meet your demand.