Located in Yuexiu district, Guangzhou. Guangzhou Chumay Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of lead-free radiation protection building materials.

As the leading company in lead-free radiation protection materials, Chumay is devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of lead-free radiation protection building and decoration materials, and focuses on the realistic and artistic effects of the products to pursue the perfect combination of functions and environment. The main products of Chumay are Radiation-proof decorated board series, Radiation-proof composite silicon spar series, Radiation-proof brick series, etc.

Helped by several experts in nuclear physics area, Chumay independently develops advanced products with technologies of international levels. As a result, all products are internationally advanced and have passed the tests of Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Health and China Institute of Atomic Energy. Possessing a troop of diligent and experienced technicians, Chumay is able to offer systematic project designs and detailedly final inspections. Chumay has proved itself by becoming the supplier of radiation shielding materials for nuclear power plants and being applied to state nuclear energy projects and civil air-defense construction.