ChM Ltd. was established in 1981 by Mikolaj Charkiewicz. Nowadays, the company is an internationally recognized and highly valued producer of specialist implants and instruments for orthopedics and traumatology. It has its own production, marketing and research & development departments, as well as distribution network in the country and abroad. ChM® implants are well-known and well-regarded not only in Europe, but also on other continents.

Years of experience and medical and technological knowledge have resulted in innovative construction solutions. The following deserve special attention: CHARFIX® and CHARFIX2®, ChFN®, ChFN2® Intramedullary Nailing Systems CHARSPINE® and IDS® Spine Stabilizing Systems ChLP® Locked Plating System CHARSTAB® External fixator Dynamic Hip Stabilizer /Dynamic Condylar Stabilizer Production and sales of so specific products as medical orthopaedic implants are mostly possible thanks to: constant development of our technological and constructional infrastructure, equipped with up to date computer software (AUTOCAD, LOGOCAD, CAD/CAM); continuous cooperation with experienced medical professionals as well as research and development organizations; advanced engineering equipment - automatic computer-controlled machine tools (CNC).

Business activity of ChM Ltd. is a proof for successful combination of science and technology for the purpose of creating new, optimum medical solutions in competitive prices, that gives many people chance to recover their health and physical efficiency.

COMPANY MISSION We take an uncompromising approach to all aspects of quality We understand that our success comes from respecting our employees and caring about their development Surgeons and their patients comfort and safety are our priority Our development is inspired by the latest research and technology advances We are a reliable partner for our suppliers and customers We are effective in accomplishing our goals and continuous improvement of our performance Since its founding company concentrates on meeting specific needs of customers.

The fact that ChM® products are among the most well-known in the market shows that our intensive work brings measurable results. However, all of these would not be possible without excellent cooperation with research and development organizations, medical universities, clinics and hospitals. QUALITY POLICY We want to deliver the highest quality medical devices that meet our clients’ changing needs and expectations.