Tianjin Ruitai Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a British JC SERVICE company's wholly-owned companies. After 20 years of development, it has been overseas for more than 100 countries and regions, condom sales. Long-term cooperation with the most authoritative Australian ENERSOL company, each carried only sets the most stringent checks to ensure that products meet international quality certification system ISO 4074: 2014.

In the development of new products, we and China's first use of Okamoto production technology and the first production line has Okamoto companies, all using top grade imported materials, the development of thin wings, soft as the skin of the new condom with Chinese consumers an unprecedented feeling of use. Skandia companies, and we have set up in New Zealand JC Overseas Limited, Hong Kong JC Limited, Saudi RECARE company, Russia RECARE companies are working flat out to the peoples of the world to promote our new condoms, expanding new business areas. As a United Nations suppliers and professional condom companies in the area of reproductive health of people, we always want to contribute its bit.