Charder Electronic Co., Ltd. A s a trusted sensing and measurement design manufacturer since its establishment in 1980, Charder treats every client and employee that comes to us with care because it has been our tradition to treasure every opportunity to build a lasting and meaningful relationship. Benefits to Clients E very client's success is of paramount importance to Charder. Rather than taking in every order, we carefully choose clients that share Charder's commitment to business ethics, and devote our full attention to help them succeed. We value a healthy long-term relationship that leads to 「three wins」 to the clients, to the end-users and to Charder.

We disdain any temporary gain that may put Charder's decades of reputation in peril. W e take precautions to preempt any potential conflicts of interests to protect each of our clients' businesses because we have each of our clients' best interest in mind. In case where an unforeseen conflict does arise, we assume responsibilities to ensure a smooth continuation of Charder's support to our clients' respective successes. I n addition, we provide thorough training assistance to our clients in need.

We believe a pleasant end-user experience is a result of knowledgeable products delivered by knowledgeable distributors. Thus, we aim to be the source of knowledge that provides good products and considerate services to our clients, our distributors, who in turn become capable of indulging the end users with impeccable user experiences. Charder Electronic Co. Ltd. No. 103, Kuo Chung Road, Dali District 412 Taichung City, Taiwan Tel:+886 4 24063766