Sinolinks is a medical technological company which researchs,develops,products and sales surgical mechanical suturing instruments and surgical repairing materials. Our company locates in the Yangtze River Delta, the beautiful southern city -- Changzhou which is about 180 km far away from the international city of Shanghai . We holds excellent talent team , modern production system and testing facilities.We concentrate a variety of superior resources to ensure high quality products and services. We have passed the quality system certification of ISO13485, CE, CMD, and GMP.

Our Product is prevailing in China and overseas (including Europe, Asia, Africa) . Company Vision: Exert ourselves to improve the medical technology and dedicate ourselves to surgery in order to offer omnibearing solution. Long for products with the highest quality persistantly , pursuit the harmony between enterprise and clients and spear no effort to exceed customers' requirements and expectations. Have the courage to take social responsibility and create value for employees, customers and shareholders.