Changzhou Chuangjia Medical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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About us Changzhou Chuangjia Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is located in Changzhou. We have a building area of 10,000㎡, with a 5,600㎡ one million levelof purify area. We are a new enterprise which specilizes in producing disposable aseptic medical instruments. Changzhou is a well known place for disposable using-medical instruments. Changzhou Chuangjia Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd. is made up of a batch rigorous and experienced senior staff, with technical idea and strong innovative ideology. Chuangjia sincerely realizes own value through diligent motion, and establishes long-term cooperation relationships with hospitals, local communities as well as other partners. We always offer high quality products, good service and reasonable price to make first-class brand. As China entering WTO, we will further deepen business management, research and develop new products unceasingly, and try hard for universal health.