Company Profile Cendres+Métaux SA - Implantable micromechanical components Cendres+Métaux is specialised in the production of implantable, micromechanical components or systems with complex geometries made from precious metal or titanium alloys. We also offer non-metallic implant solutions with machined or moulded components made from PEKK, the newest generation in high-performance polymers. Apart from our turning, milling and moulding capabilities, we can also support our customers with different surface treatments and packaging options, all from one source. Cendres+Métaux is accredited and certified ISO 13'485 / 9001 / 14001, as well as FDA registered. From engineering to packaging. Are you wanting to launch a new medical device but find yourself missing a reliable source for your micromechanical components? Our competent and experienced engineering and sales teams will be pleased to assist you with any technical questions. They will conduct a feasibility analysis and ensure an ideal manufacturing process for serial production. From inspection to certificate of conformity. If required, the development process can also include the establishment of product-relevantlegal documentation, in which case the quality management and regulatory teams will advise you in this matter. Quality control plays an essential role at Cendres+Métaux. Not only the dimensions, but also materials, surface finishes and packaging are continuously measured, recorded and monitored so that a consistently high-level of quality can be guaranteed. From tradition to modernity. Cendres+Métaux recently introduced the high-performance polymer Pekkton®, a material based on OPM's OXPEKK®-IG, to the dental world. Pekkton® will allow its customers to break new ground in dentistry product development. For implantable medical devices outside the mouth (short and long-term applications), Cendres+Métaux offers OXPEKK-IG. Similar to Pekkton®, OXPEKK-IG200 offers a high-processability, including optimal flow and crystallisation kinetics, as well as considerable mechanical properties (about 50% greater compressive ultimate strength than PEEK, most other properties about 10-15% greater than PEEK).