WHO US The CBEMED is a manufacturer of medical equipment and owns the brands BIC, P.A. Med and Sanvita. The company ensures its quality through continuous improvement, providing innovative products and services with ethics and professionalism, seeking the total satisfaction of its customers. 100% national company, active in the manufacture and distribution of products measured with strength and confidence in the market and expanding the international market.

Its products serve doctors, nurses, health professionals, students and consumers, with a focus on improving production and deployment of new technologies such as LEAN MANUFACTURING. All lines have records on the ANVISA and are 100% certified by INMETRO seal with the initial scouting for sphygmomanometers.

It also has the most important for the healthcare industry certifications as international standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE Mark certification by DNV of Norway, which has opened the doors to international and especially European market. Holder of certification B.P.F.

(Good Manufacturing Practices) attesting to their competence and quality by ANVISA. The industrial park is located CBEMED in Itupeva, 72 miles from Sao Paulo, and strategic logistics position (between São Paulo and Campinas, with easy access to ports and airports). The entire manufacturing process of its products, from receipt of raw materials to the output of the final product undergoes rigorous internal quality control.