The highest priority for caretron is to develop innovative product solutions, which are characterized by simple operation and high functionality.

The caretron litenife is a state-of-the-art diode laser. Its design allows operation with a touchscreen, low maintenance costs and easy transport using the integrated handle.
Caretron litenife offers the possibilty to couple the full power of 15 watt into a 200 micrometer optical fiber and thus achieves a high power density.

The catheter system is intended for minimal invasive treatment of the insufficient greater saphenal vein and was particularly developed for this purpose. All components necessary for the operation are packed and kept together in a sterile bag.

The caretron gmbh offers medical fiber, which are used to guide the laser radiation to the area of treatmen. Our glass fibers are adapted to the respective treatment and contain appropriate accessories, so that application is to be accomplished as simply as possible. Generally glass fibers with a core diameter of 200,400 and 600 micrometer are used and can be ordered from caretron.