The world today is more connected than ever. Affordable air travel and mass transportation draw people from different backgrounds and cultures into closer physical contacts. This place travelers and commuters at greater risks to cross infections. With rising cost of healthcare it pays to take precautions in dealing with the unknown. Wearing face masks and hand gloves are becoming common place. In most communities they have become ubiquitous and synonymous to a common defence mechanism to ward off potential hazards through contact and inhalation.

These products are no longer in the domain of healthcare workers alone. Ordinary folks are becoming aware that staying protected is a safer and probably wiser option. CAREPLUS provides you peace of mind with its range of quality disposable protection products. Each time you don our gloves to guard yourself from picking up micro-organisms as well as other material hazards you can be assured that we mean business.

Our corporate logo consisting of the alphabet ‘P’ is a reminder that we are in the business of PROTECTING. Together with a team of frontline sales and marketing personnel to service your needs you can be sure that we want to grow a relationship with each of our customer. Welcome. We hope this website will be your resource centre to understand the trade, current issues and business potentials. If you are an investor follow our profiles and performance via our Investor Relations link. And if you have any reason to reach us or provide feedbacks please use the Contact section.