Care4 Health Medical Company, funded by the government, is a diversified healthcare provider, where are dedicated to innovation, scientific research and development, state-of-art manufacturing, professional sales and customer service. We hold the inventions and patents in the area of life science and biotechnology, which represent in 3D medical rehabilitation and high-end power wheel chair, GPS blind intelligent system and calcium artificial extraction technology.

Care4 Health Medical Company serves our community with the scientific, professional, systematic health technology, healthy products, healthy food and health in order to bring better solutions to the people's health and bring more respects to people's life. Care4 Health Medical Company being an innovative and leading in technology is global health technology developer, health products provider. We serve three main product categories, the first is body functions compensatory and orthopedic products, which using on 3D medical rehabilitation technology. The other is smart health products, which using artificial intelligence technology.

The other is health food and cosmetic products by using our calcium artificial extraction technology. Care4 Health Medical Company is professional business enterprise that has the experienced leader in health and rehabilitation area, and the world-class leader from the United States and a group of professional directors and managers supported with all loyal staffs and also including having new patent inventor, food and chemical engineers.

Care4 Health Medical Company has long time China strategic partnership with China Disabled Persons' Federation, China Rehabilitation Equipment Association, China National Rehabilitation Hospital (Beijing) and Shanghai Prosthetic & Orthopaedic Co., Ltd. We were the appointed wheel chairs supplier both for 2010 China EXPO in Shanghai and for 2011 Asia Handicap Sport Competition in Guangzhou. And the company sponsored Shanghai high-education (university student) creative design grand prix. Care4 Health Medical Company is interested in world-wide partners, where we could achieve the same goal of bringing better alternative solutions to people's future health.