Since 1986 Care Wise have been a trusted and established manufacturer of gamma probe systems. Previously based in Morgan Hill, CA, USA the company has always been at the forefront of developments within gamma probe systems, specially those within sentinel node biopsies. 

In 2015, Southern Scientific Ltd acquired the company. Previously the European distributor of Care Wise systems, Southern Scientific have years of experience and expertise. Southern Scientific are part of the LabLogic group who have offices all around the UK and USA, including a R&D facility alongside the likes of Boeing and Rolls Royce. 

The C-Trak Surgical Guidance System from Care Wise has been designed to be used by a surgeon in identifying tissues which contain a radioisotope label. The heart of the system is a small, hand-held gamma detector, the C-Trak probe. With this probe, the surgeon can also determine whether surgically removed tissue contains radioisotope material and, by repeated assay, can determine whether all radioisotope containing material has been removed from the operative site. C-Trak probes are capable of measuring gamma energies up to 364 keV, and are designed to detect small sites of radioisotope uptake in the high scatter, highly variable background environments found with imaging radiolabels such as Indium 111 and Technetium 99m. The C-Trak Omniprobe PET can be used to detect higher-energy radiolabels such as FDG, with energies up to 600 keV.