Care Trak International Inc. is a sister company of Wildlife- Materials, Inc. WI/1Mo been tracking and monitoring endangered species around the world since 1970. %Mrs customers include the Smithsonian, National Audubon Society, the US. Fish and Wildlife Service, police, search and rescue teams universities, zoos, private industry and more.

For instance. Wildlife Materials equipment hwe monitored the red-crowned crane in ('hina. African leopard: and elephants, crocodiles in India. the Cabfirnia Condor studies fended b) the National Audubon Society, the rare black-footed ferret o 145vming and tree shrews in Borneo. WM/ is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that snakes all Girt Bak equipment. Wildlife Materials Inc. developed operations and methode of tracking in 1970 when the first transmitters were manufactured.


Our goal at Care Trak is to save lives.Care Trak created telemetry based tracking for people at risk in 1986. Since then our equipment has located thousands of Alzheimer’s wanderers and children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome and other conditions and brought them home safely.